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Wasp, bees, hornets, and yellow jackets are some of the most feared pests people deal with on a daily basis. When they feel threatened, these insects will sting, regardless of your intentions. This can be a serious issue as bee allergies can be life threatening. While those with a known bee sting allergy are at risk, many have never been stung and do not know if they are at risk. As a parent or a business owner, keeping your premesis bee, wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket free is not only important for comfort, but for safety as well.

This is where Wasp Control Toronto comes in. We offer certified, insured, experienced, highly trained pest control professionals to solve your wasp, hornet, bee, or yellow jacket problem. As a result, our technicians will use the latest pest removal methods and equipment to eliminate the infestation and protect your family or customers.


Wasp Stings

Wasp Stings Toronto

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Everyone knows that wasps can sting. The sting is used by the wasp for killing small insects for food but it is also capable of using it as a very effective defensive weapon. As a general rule, wasps (especially those in the Toronto area) will only sting if they are disturbed. However, at the end of the season the wasps will begin to feed on fermenting fruit which makes them more irritable and more likely to sting people. Wasp stings affect people in very different ways; some are hardly affected at all whilst others may need hospital treatment.


Wasp Nests

Nest Removal


The specialists at WaspControlToronto provide our clients with safe, efficient treatment to the wasp nest.  We can normally provide a pest control service that day.  Where the nest is in the garden or in the house we will apply a small amount of insecticide to the nest and then remove the nest or, a if this is not possible treat the wasp nest and in about 2 hours the treatment will be complete.  We treat hundreds of wasps nests in the Toronto area each year and maintain a reputation for fast, safe, effective wasp treatments.


Wasp Exclusion



Wasp Control can be very hazardous, the location of nests are often in high and or confined places, the threat the wasp's sting poses can be very serious, especially if stung around the throat, or multiple times, this can cause anaphylactic shock. Wasp control and exclusion should not be attempted without proper protective clothing and equipment. Don't risk it. Wasps carry diseases in much the same way a fly does, it collects dead and decaying animal material, as well as insects, to feed the wasp larvae.